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In the December/January issue of Accountancy SA, I wrote an article where I Break down the importance of personal development to live a fulfilling successful life.
The link to the article is in my bio, I believe it will impact someone out there.
#top35u35 #personaldevelopment

Thank you so much saicaza for this feature. Being one of the Top35under35 finalists in 2020 has really opened up a new world of opportunities for me and I will forever be grateful 🙏 .

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Thank you saicaza for this incredible recognition especially in such a challenging year bedeviled with Covid19. It is such a wonderful feeling to be selected amongst such dynamic minds. I hold it in high regard.

Looking at the calibre of the finalists & deserving winners one can say without any doubt that the future of SA is in good hands. You are all beacons of hope and may you continue to be for a prolonged period.

This competition has not only shed light on the work we have done but it has brought out the best of us in the process. We are now better people because of the competition and we do not only say the sky is the limit, but outer space is definitely the limit.

For me, this award is a validation for all the youth from disadvantaged and disenfranchised backgrounds for a better tomorrow, irrespective of their current circumstances. Furthermore, the award encourages me to focus and do even better to expand my impact in South Africa, Africa and the world.

To the panel of judges: We do not have enough words to thank you. Our relentless efforts were met with your extreme kindness and wisdom.

To the class of 2020: the dream is everything. I read somewhere, that a man and a woman with a dream will not be denied the opportunity of success. I also read that if a dream is true, you will pull up your socks and face all the challenges that life throws at you with boldness because you know that the dream is worthwhile and drives your ambition for success.

Continue to give it your all, aim for the stars and have your dreams come true.

#Top35u35 #celebratesuccess
#onpurpose #lead #wellness #leadership

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This opinion piece is to inspire, encourage and motivate those who wants to give up on their goals and dreams and they are so close to the finish line.

I bared my heart to make people realise becoming successful takes alot of failures, alot of hard work and perseverance.

I believe in you!!! Don't give up, your words hold power.


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What a year! And what has it taught us? For many, it was a year of losses and fear, but it has also taught us to be grateful. Read the December 2020/January 2021 issue of Accountancy SA right here and end this year inspired 🔗link in bio🔗 #top35u35 ...

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These are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Salute to the class of saicaza 2020 #top35u35 !

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The Supertech Group would like to congratulate Mahomed Sader, the Group Financial Director, on being the winner of the DEVELOP category for #Top35u35 2020. #IMSupertech ...

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#repost #awcaflourish saicaza
And in the LEAD category, congratulations to Nancy Chakabuda. Nancy is a Controls Leader of Africa Middle East at Cummins Africa Middle East. #top35u35 mizz_nan

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I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to SAICA CA(SA) for this amazing experience. I took away so many great lessons but the one worth mentioning is to never discount your journey. I've had the opportunity to not only reflect on what I've done, but to also appreciate and celebrate my achievements thus far.
I woke up this morning so motivated, and equally inspired by the great work that all the finalists and winners are doing in their respective fields/lanes.
In Babalwa Gova CA(SA) words, it's not about changing lanes, but accelerating in your own lane.
To have been recognized as one of the exceptional young people by such a prestigious organization has encouraged me to want to do more.
Thank you once again SAICA CA(SA) for this recognition.

Thank you to my colleagues; leaders/ mentors; family for the support, the testimonials, motivation, etc. We all made it to the SAICA top 35 under 35, 2020.

Welldone to all the finalists and the winners. You are all incredibly amazing.

#inspiration #success #leadership #top35u35 #grateful

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After years of looking up to others in this position, I am grateful to be recognised on this prestigious platform for the CA(SA) profession.

To the Class of saicaza 2020 #top35u35, to infinity and beyond! 🙂

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#Top35u35 Class of 2020! Congratulations to all of you. We are proud of all of you. Thank you for taking on this journey with SAICA and @accountancysa 🔥 📸: @theanna1 ...

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This amazing competition has allowed me to reflect on what I have overcome and what I have achieved.

The best memory of the entire competition was bringing the camera crew into worship during my interview. Giving God all the glory just to be nominated is a privilege and an honour.

I cannot thank saicaza enough for allowing me to take them through my CA journey. I hope to inspire ,motivate and encourage others to never give up their goals and dreams.

This platform is only the beginning, I hope to grow from this experience and to share my love for Christ too.


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Thank you saicaza and the judges for this recognition. I am humbled. The journey to the Saica 2020 #top35u35 has been amazing and I will take many valuable lessons from the experience.

To the winners and my fellow finalists, it was great to meet you and let's stay connected. Your stories are amazing and please continue to be the great examples that you are for the CA(SA) profession.

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Woke up with so much gratitude!

I didn’t expect to win an additional award to being listed amongst the #Top35u35 but to have the judges create a category so that I can be recognized for the work is so humbling.

Thank you saicaza , all the judges and the amazing organizing team! 🙏🏾🥺🥂 #thankyou #gratitude

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