Bongani Habile, who has been with the organisation for three years, is the youngest executive member at the Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA). He currently heads up a business unit called Strategic Audit Projects (StrAP). This unit serves as the custodian of the key relationships between the AGSA and private auditing firms that conduct work for AGSA across South Africa. 

StrAP houses crucial processes such as contract work creditors (CWC) allocations, pre-issuance reviews, quality control support and section 4(3), which are significant during the PFMA and MFMA audit cycles.

Four months into his role as the custodian of StrAP, through the utilisation of existing processes such as CWC, pre-issuance, and partnerships with SAICA and IRBA, Bongani revived and accelerated the AGSA’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme. It has since been dubbed by the firms as the best ESD programme in the country within the accounting and auditing profession.

Bongani has grown the ESD programme from one beneficiary when he joined the AGSA to 30 beneficiaries currently with representation across all nine provinces. The beneficiaries have experienced significant growth and development from the AGSA ESD initiatives and work allocation. As a result, these firms have been able to create 303 permanent job opportunities, attain SAICA accreditation as training offices, and open branches in other provinces over the past two and a half years.

The ESD programme has been a significant transformation driver within the AGSA. It has seen small black emerging firms that previously had zero allocations in 2015/16 to sharing in 18% of the AGSA CWC allocations in 2018/19. As a result, large and medium firms have been inspired to adopt this programme and implement similar initiatives in support of small emerging firms within the private sector to drive transformation. 

Bongani has driven an increase in CWC allocations from 35% to 56% of the total CWC allocations going to firms that are 51% black-owned and those that have 30% black women ownership.

Outside the work environment, Bongani is a family man, an ultra-marathon runner, a gym fanatic, and a motorcycle rider and enthusiast. He is involved in the motorcycle riding club BBC charity events, as well as his running partner’s charity event called Thabo Wa Batho Charity.