Brett Perlstein a chartered accountant turned Google Ads specialist who gave up his suits and ties for branded T-shirts and trainers to open SearchKings Africa in 2013.

In a career that has taken him across the globe, Brett now finds himself on home soil in Johannesburg where he has spent the last five years helping business owners and entrepreneurs unpack their potential through the power of Google Ads.

Brett’s journey, coupled with his local and dynamic team, has evolved into a business that speaks directly to his client’s distinctive and varying needs. As a business that has identified a very specific target customer and created a tailored, tech-centric solution for them, SearchKings Africa has carved out a niche, positioning themselves as the ideal marketing growth partner for business owners and entrepreneurs.

At SearchKings Africa, Brett and his team specialise in leveraging Google Ads for businesses by driving relevant users to its customers’ websites allowing them to engage their audience and form strategies to market themselves more purposefully online. The ability to give clients real-time, meaningful marketing data allows them to understand what customers actually need and how they can grow their businesses exponentially.

Brett’s is a compelling story about the nuances of growing his own brand on the African continent to better equip and develop those of fellow Africans.