Christiaan was first appointed on a short-term contract to assist Spear in preparing its pre-listing statement in July 2016. However, it turned out to be a ‘three weeks on the job interview’. After being officially interviewed for a position as financial manager (to his understanding), it was a great surprise to receive a letter of appointment as financial director (FD). Christiaan was appointed FD on 1 August at the age of 27. At the time, he didn’t fully understand the responsibilities and challenges of an FD of a listed company. It was a baptism of fire but a challenge he was not going to back down from.

Some of his achievements include the listing of Spear REIT Limited; taking a board position; the development of Spear’s investment model; and development of Spear’s internal controls from a pre-listed externally managed accounting function to completely internally managed from listing date.

Christiaan’s title formally changed to CFO in May 2018 after he took on more responsibilities within the Spear Group. He and the CEO have worked tirelessly to grow the company that was listed with a market capitalisation of R800 million to a current market capitalisation of R2 billion within 29 months of listing. The company is growing fast in the property market, a sector that has been under severe scrutiny over the past two years.


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