The idea of ‘switching off has never been a desire for Grant throughout his entrepreneurial story. He founded what is today known as EHIRE in his second year of university and worked most weekends to fund his CA(SA) studies and monthly living expenses.

EHIRE employs 40 employees that are dedicated to making your life easier when it comes to hiring products for an event, whether you’re an events professional or simply wishing to DIY your own party or social.

Grant believes that entrepreneurship is the culmination of hundreds of tiny experiments that have the potential to create meaningful change for everyone involved.  EHIRE has given him the opportunity to experiment every day. He says the best part of innovating in an ageing industry is that it doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel – a lot of his team’s successful outcomes have been inspired by established companies but then made relevant to the event hiring industry and ultimately benefiting the EHIRE team and its customers.

Examples of what impact Grant and his team have been involved with include creating Uber-like tracking for client hiring deliveries in real-time; upskilling EHIRE employees; establishing a logistics partner programme with 11 entrepreneurs who have their own delivery vehicles and that indirectly employs 20 people in the Cape Town community; and partnering with the Zanokhanyo Network to provide accredited hospitality training to more

than 100 previously unemployed people.


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