Heine Bellingan was born with a drive to build successful businesses. He has been experimenting with business ventures since university, the most notable being automated single-cigarette vending machines he single-handedly built from scratch. Seven prototypes later, two loose cigarettes were sold for R5 …

In his third year of articles, Heine co-founded JOBJACK – an online marketplace for entry-level jobs. This was a start-up with a vision to employ the world, starting right here in Mzansi at the tip of Africa.

The norm for entry-level job seekers (waiters, cashiers, store assistants, etc) in South Africa is to print CVs and walk or take a taxi to drop off their CVs at local businesses, hoping that these businesses are hiring. This is ineffective (as limited businesses are reached) and expensive (R550 can be spent per month on printing and transport costs while job searching).

On the other side of the market, large retailers have thousands of unfilled positions because they are unable to find relevant candidates, as a result of inefficient recruitment processes such as sifting through boxes of printed CVs. In a country with a huge unemployment rate, this is unacceptable.

Heine and the JOBJACK pack solve this problem through innovative automation of the recruitment process − giving job seekers equal opportunity to apply for nearby jobs at no cost while simultaneously benefiting businesses with a tenfold improvement in the recruitment cycle.

Heine is also a director of JOB-ABLED – an NPC utilising the functions of JOBJACK to employ people with disabilities.

And, most importantly, #gettingmarriedsoon #shreddingforthewedding …!