Chief Financial Officer at First National Bank (FNB nav»)

As a seasoned financial leader, currently serving as CFO at FNB nav» (a groundbreaking fintech start-up within FirstRand), Ayanda Zwane has played a pivotal role in transforming the financial landscape of the business. When she first joined, she embarked on the challenge of building the functional finance area from the ground up, creating optimal operating structures with defined objectives and strategic outcomes. After successfully running the functional finance responsibilities single-handedly for three years, she strategically built a robust finance team, bringing in skilled professionals who shared her vision and passion for innovative financial management.

Ayanda realised early on that to navigate the evolving landscape of fintech she had to transition from being a traditional banking CFO to adopting a more forward-thinking approach. The shift enabled her to translate the nav» business strategy into concrete financial targets and tactical plans, supporting their execution effectively. Today, FNB nav» boasts a 4,5 million user base in the South African market.

In recognition of her dedication and achievements, Ayanda received several accolades throughout her career. These include the academic achievement award for the highest performing trainee while serving her articles, a customer service award at WesBank for strengthening relationships with joint venture OEM partners, and a top performer award at the FNB Commercial Staff awards in 2022 for continuous value creation. She further received a recognition reward for her contribution to FirstRand shared prosperity initiatives, which underpins the group’s view to intentionally use its core business activities to add value to society and the environment.

Ayanda is taking part in a new inspiring initiative named Wellness i-Cue which is focused on providing mentorship to aspiring young professionals. Through this initiative, she will offer continuous guidance and coaching, helping them navigate their career paths with confidence and purpose. Her dedication to mentoring others stems from her belief in continuous development, a principle she holds dear in both her personal and professional life.

Beyond the corporate sphere, Ayanda is deeply invested in making a positive impact on society. She extends her leadership skills to support community initiatives, particularly orphanages, through donations and volunteering efforts. Her commitment to social causes is reflective of her belief in the power of giving back and creating a better future for those in need.

Her multifaceted approach to life, blending professional acumen with a commitment to mentorship, family and the joy of exploration, defines her journey. As she continues to lead in the fintech realm, Ayanda remains dedicated to empowering others, championing diversity, and fostering excellence in every endeavour she undertakes.