CEO and Co-Founder LEVRA

Bartek Ogonowski’s upbringing in a medical family instilled in him an unyielding drive to make a difference. He found his calling in blending his love for people and education and identified another essential need in society.

Today, Bartek stands as the co-founder and CEO of Levra ( The core of Levra’s mission revolves around enhancing and elevating the interpersonal skills, or human skills, of recent graduates. Bartek recognised a substantial gap − while many students graduate with technical prowess, they often lack the soft skills crucial to thriving in the professional arena. Through Levra, he seeks to redress this imbalance, nurturing both self-confidence and the holistic development of young adults.

Bartek’s professional journey is both diverse and distinguished. He earned his CA(SA) credentials in 2016 after rigorous training at Deloitte, Johannesburg, and an enriching secondment with Deloitte UK in 2017. Upon returning, he stepped into the role of audit manager. His intrinsic leadership abilities and vision for a connected professional community saw him being appointed as Deloitte Africa’s brand ambassador in 2019. In this role, he bridged connections across professionals, clients, and the larger community through the dynamic landscape of social media.

By 2021, Bartek embarked on another transformative venture. He became the CEO of iTalk2U, a groundbreaking decentralised sales platform. Beyond its innovative approach, iTalk2U carried a social mission − to combat the staggering 34,1% unemployment rate in South Africa. This platform not only provided employment but also valuable training, turning novices into adept call centre agents.

The University of Oxford was where Bartek experienced profound personal and professional growth. His MBA journey, which began in September 2021, was nothing short of transformative. The experience of interacting with a global cohort comprising 350 individuals from a whopping 71 nationalities was invaluable. Some of his standout moments at Oxford are:

  • A stirring graduation address at the illustrious Sheldonian Theatre, witnessed by a global audience (view the address here from 39:50)
  • Co-hosting the #OSEF22 conference, an annual event spotlighting prominent entrepreneurs and visionaries
  • Serving as the student life officer, orchestrating various events throughout the year
  • Proudly representing Oxford University Golf Club, showcasing his skills and sportsmanship in notable fixtures, including the thrilling varsity match against Cambridge in 2022

In sum, as Bartek reflects on his journey, he’s brimming with excitement for what lies ahead. With an unwavering commitment and a visionary spirit, he’s on a resolute mission to change the world. Bartek envisions a future where every individual realises their full potential and he’s dedicated to making that dream a reality.