Portfolio Manager – Multi Asset, and Investment Analyst at 36ONE Asset Management

Boitumelo Loate CA(SA) holds an MBA from Oxford University (cum laude) and an MCom from Wits University. Boitumelo’s unique blend of technical expertise (data analysis, risk management and portfolio optimisation) and financial acumen positions her as an effective co-portfolio manager at 36ONE, utilising technology to enhance investment strategies, improve performance and navigate dynamic financial markets.

Boitumelo oversees the multi-asset portfolios and is skilled in constructing portfolios that span a diverse range of asset classes offering a well-balanced and diversified investment approach. Furthermore, she takes on the critical role of managing the fixed income portion within all 36ONE portfolios, employing credit analysis, yield curve positioning and interest rate mitigation in creating resilient fixed income portfolios.

Boitumelo has been a catalyst for positive change within 36ONE, as she played a pivotal role in the establishment of two committees: the Sustainable Responsible Investing Committee and the Transformation and Social Responsibility Committee. As a founding member, she played an instrumental role in shaping the company’s approach to responsible and sustainable investment practices and being a driving force behind initiatives that promote diversity and inclusivity. By actively participating in these efforts, she is working to ensure that 36ONE not only meets its financial goals but also serves as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Prior to this, Boitumelo worked as a manager at KPMG within the Financial Services division and was a key member of the Financial Engineering Group and Learning and Development. Her commitment to training and education in the financial field was recognised when she received the prestigious Africa Trainer of the Year award in 2013, highlighting her dedication to sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. Throughout her time at KPMG, Boitumelo’s exceptional performance and contributions did not go unnoticed, as she received numerous encore awards and was selected for a Poland banking sector course in 2014. These awards are a testament to her consistent excellence and outstanding contributions.

Boitumelo serves as a trustee (treasurer) of the Ruth First Memorial Trust, overseeing the foundation’s financial health and investments and actively supporting the mission to bridge educational disparities. As a sessional lecturer at Wits (Finance, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting), UP (IAS19 and Critical Thinking) and UKZN (Reporting Financial Position – Master of Accountancy), she has played a significant role in using advanced techniques that have undoubtedly motivated and inspired students, helping them prepare for higher-level qualifications and empowering them as future leaders.

Boitumelo’s academic involvement extended to Cambridge University (Oxbridge Programme), where she lectured on behavioural economics. This opportunity allowed her to engage with a diverse and international student body, sharing insights into the fascinating intersection of psychology and economics. Her dedication to education, coupled with strategic vision, leadership skills, and an unwavering commitment to Business SA emboldens her to make a meaningful difference in financial services.