Chief Financial Officer at Lions Cricket (Gauteng Cricket Board t/a Central Gauteng Lions)

Author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek wrote on finding one’s ‘why’: ‘That thing we give to the world where we must look inside ourselves to discover it.’

And Brecht Mohonathan has journeyed a life that has exposed and taught him through what some would see as chaotic. Within his ‘chaos’, he has faced his raw self where his purpose found him – where his passion for sport and finance have intersected. He consistently excelled academically within team sports and has been able to harness his strengths and levels of focus to fulfil his purpose – his why – his reason for being. Being fortunate to share his gifts and his ‘why’ throughout his career, his career is not merely a means to an end but for how his means provide a positive impact and long-term success for the collective.

Brecht is the CFO at Lions Cricket, ensuring the profitability and sustainability of the organisation, balancing revenue streams and cost containment. Since joining Lions Cricket and the DP World Wanderers Stadium in 2020 and under Brecht’s leadership, the newly developed financial strategy culminated in resounding success (corporate governance, cash management, accurate budgeting, and forecasting) with the declaration of the most significant profit and cash generated from operations in the last 10-year period.

By virtue of being a public officer of the Lions Cricket Foundation PBO, Brecht influences society through community-driven initiatives using the vehicle of sport to make meaningful changes in society. The PBO is structured-driven and encourages CSI initiatives, as Lions Cricket strives to not only make great cricketers on the field but make an even greater impact in all they do off it. It is about purpose and positive impact far beyond the immediate cricketing eco-system.

Brecht’s leadership qualities are evidenced through the influence exhibited to Lions staff, players, and the cricketing eco-system through his purpose-driven role, with mental and emotional well-being being at the forefront. Having an ownership mentality (owning his lessons, his thoughts, words and deeds) and being accountable to himself and those he leads, inspires, and is there for has supported him to remain focused and driven to achieve. No soul is an island, and he believes that via a strong collective we rise and succeed together – the spirit and philosophy of Ubuntu runs deep to his core, being constantly mindful that it takes a village, and that a unified collective is greater than the sum of its parts.