Head of Financial Shared Services at Standard Bank

Dima Masedi is a dynamic global leader with over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry. She leads many spheres of society, including church, family, community, and professional bodies.

Her expertise encompasses financial management, accounting, strategic planning, budgeting, change management, controls and digitisation. She provides expertise on complex intercompany transactions, digitises finance and more. This has had a positive impact on South Africa, African regions and international finance teams. The impact of solving these difficult tasks means that the group delivers excellence and follows regulations and standards. The area she leads is responsible for over R180 billion.

Dima has served on boards holding positions such as treasurer and chairperson. She has also served as executive director and CFO at Uniting Reformed Church in South Africa (Meadowlands East), where she has been instrumental in driving financial excellence for over eight years. Dima has further contributed to various organisations as a non-executive director. One notable example is her involvement with the Thud-Money cooperative, a R3-million consortium initiated during the COVID-19 lockdown which subsequently purchased fast food franchises to re-energise the township economy.

Dima educates people on financial wellness. ‘This comes naturally to me,’ she says, ‘as I love teaching, coaching, and contributing positively to building a wealthier society. I impart knowledge on creating small habits. These have been impactful on entrepreneurs and small business owners that I encounter, like nail technicians, hair stylists, gardeners, photographers, and more.’

In addition to her professional accomplishments, she has tutored mathematics and accounting students from Grades 8 to 12 and continues to mentor students and colleagues. Whilst pursuing her MBA, she acquired an international diploma in professional coaching at the age of 30. Feedback from one of the indirect team members stated, ‘I’ve always admired her work ethic … She makes you see how capable you are based on the conversations you have with her. She pushes you to the edge to unleash your potential.’ Another colleague remarked, ‘Dima’s impact on my life has been significant. Every time I get to interact with her, there will be a lesson or two I learn from her. She has motivated me to always strive for excellence in all aspects of work.’

Dima is a SAICA-certified assessor and is involved in sourcing talented CA(SA) trainees for Standard Bank. In addition, she contributes to SAICA through talks and multiple programmes.

cfxOverall, Dima Masedi is a highly accomplished and driven leader with a strong track record of driving excellence in various roles and sectors. She is best described as an inspirational leader. Her strategic mindset, financial expertise, and commitment to personal and professional growth make her valuable to South Africa’s future.