Divyesh Joshi, 35

‘There is no limit to what the human mind can achieve.’ This single thought, lovingly instilled in Divyesh’s mind by his grandmother from a young age, has been the core of his work ethic and ambition. Always driven to do more and do better, at the age of 27 Divyesh was among the youngest to be put into the partnership process at PwC. Taking a decision which others may have deemed insane, he decided to get some commercial experience and joined MTN. A year later, at 28, he was the youngest general manager at MTN South Africa and the first recipient of MTN SA CEO’s Award for Aspirational Leadership. At the time he managed a team of some 15 functional areas and 500 staff members, and he credits the diverse skills one learns as a CA(SA) as being a major contributor to his success.

Listening to and understanding the perspectives of others and giving people the space to try are the qualities he learned from the life of his beloved guru, Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Divyesh applies these lessons daily in leading his teams at work as well as at the BAPS Swaminarayan temple where he chairs the temple management committee. The activities of the temple are a beacon of development, support and comfort to the community. The temple brings the community together on a weekly basis, feeds hundreds of people, creates platforms for development of children, teenagers and women alike, provides both social and spiritual learning and, most importantly, offers a shoulder of support in difficult times like the present.

Innovation and constant learning are also close to his heart. ‘It is my firm belief that there is no situation in which one cannot innovate. In my experience, it has not been the single billion-rand idea but the countless thousand-rand ideas that have made all the difference. And those are certainly not in short supply. If we just nurture the talent around us, give them some time, and invest in the relationship, then there are very few stars that will not take the opportunity to shine.’ With this philosophy, Divyesh drives his team to deliver solutions which have saved the company millions and inspire individuals’ confidence in their own abilities.

Not only a student for life but also a passionate teacher, Divyesh takes every opportunity to lecture both academically and spiritually.

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