Hiten is a driven, determined and dedicated individual whose humility and honesty go far beyond his years.

As an accomplished and responsible leader, Hiten operates with the highest integrity. His knowledge, gained through practical real-life experiences, is used to assist largescale businesses, entrepreneurs, SMME’s and charitable organisations, to be sustainable for the future.

Hiten’s modern approach to empowering individuals through mentorship and hands-on assistance is what distinguishes him as an individual and disruptive leader. His guidance, mentoring and training to businesses and individuals, resonates in the success stories of individuals under his leadership.

His innovative thinking and use of practical and theoretical knowledge to bring new ideas, or assist those in business facing challenges, is shown in his proven track record of starting up three successful businesses, implementing successful turnaround solutions and strategies at three organisations; and getting them to sustainable growth levels.

He is an active member on numerous social media platforms engaging with thought leaders and making meaningful contributions on a variety of topics. Hiten is delivery focused, and his innovative thinking coupled with his passion for modern technology to enhance business operations, both internally and for his clients, sets him above most.

He is destined to soar to great heights as a young confident professional who will help shape the future for others to follow, both here in South Africa and beyond.


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