CEO at Resultant Capital

James Mogale holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, one of the Top 10 MBA programmes in the world. He brings extensive experience in audit, finance, data and analytics, as well as mergers and acquisitions. He has held management roles at KPMG, the Matrix Group and Resultant Capital, working across multiple countries.

His passion lies in fostering business growth, cultivating young leaders, and challenging stereotypes about Africa. He is also a committed mentor to young individuals. He enjoys investing his time in mentoring young people in the early stages of their careers as he believes that is where the foundation is laid for the rest of their careers.

One of the key challenges faced by the African continent on its path to achieving economic growth and development is access to levels of investment that are needed to make transformation possible. James is on a mission to build a strategic bridge connecting the lucrative US market with the vast opportunities in Africa.

Furthermore, he serves as a consultant for the Stanford Graduate School of Business Seed Transformation Program. This is a programme that supports CEOs or founders of established companies or market-driven social enterprises in Africa and South Asia with annual revenue of up to US$15 million who want to grow and scale their businesses and positively impact their communities. His role involves supporting these business leaders in addressing their most pressing business challenges.

In his previous role as the Group CFO of the Matrix Communications Group, James played a key role in streamlining finance operations, implementing new software, and leveraging technology to improve financial management, reporting and project management. These initiatives resulted in significant cost savings, increased efficiency and improved profitability.

In the past, he also served as the president of the IE Africa Club, advocating for opportunities in Africa, supporting entrepreneurial and NGO initiatives, and promoting African arts and culture. James’s tenure as the president of the IE Africa Club was marked by his visionary leadership and transformative impact on the organisation. He updated the club’s mission, vision and objectives, successfully turning it around to being awarded ‘Best Geographic Club’ at the 2020 IE Community Awards, the first time in the club’s history. He actively promoted business and other opportunities in Africa through the IE Africa Club, with panels and talks such as ‘ICT’s role in transforming the African continent’ and ‘Economic framework of healthcare systems in Africa’, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the continent’s potential.