CFO at Saige Business Consulting

Julie Warren-Codrington specialises in and develops financial and strategic solutions for SMEs. With 15 years of studying and working in the financial industry, including exposure to a JSE listing, a R500-million private equity deal, and an umbrella fund launch, her mission is to share her knowledge gained to positively influence South Africans’ financial destinies in both the business and personal contexts. She has co-created numerous business strategies for SMEs from various industries, ensuring a financially secure future is core to their success. She empowers SMEs to understand their financials and access real-time accounting data using software like Xero, ultimately enabling them to make stronger strategic decisions.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Julie commits herself to the betterment of her community through various initiatives:
She is passionate about promoting financial literacy. She has established a repository of basic tips and downloadable resources available on her @juliecodrington platforms. As South Africa is a country characterised by one of the lowest savings rates globally, Julie considers this initiative a success if she can positively impact even one individual on their journey towards financial freedom.

She serves as a prominent figure within an NGO programme known as ACHIEVE. The programme is dedicated to empowering over 120 young women in the Western Cape through a series of training and workshop activities which she designs and hosts.

Julie’s fervour for women’s empowerment led her to co-found the Albright Club, which is a networking and speaker organisation based in the Cape Winelands. The club unites like-minded women who actively support, learn and collaborate for mutual growth. This plays into Julie’s belief which revolves around enabling and uniting women in business.

Recognising the importance of giving back, Julie extends her time and expertise as a member of the Bridge House School Board and Bursary Foundation, where she contributes to the financial and marketing portfolios.

Through the CA(SA) tool kit and the experience she has gained Julie is now enabling her purpose of empowering SMEs financially and strategically, uniting women in business, and providing financial literacy to fellow South Africans.