Partner at KPMG South Africa

Manoka Mathye is a partner at KPMG South Africa and plays a vital role in their technical department, where she actively assists audit teams in upholding audit quality standards by conducting pre-issuance reviews. She also has her own audit clients.

Manoka is a dedicated advocate for inclusion and diversity and is committed to fostering more equitable and inclusive workplaces. She has served on transformation committees of the business units she has been part of and currently co-chairs KPMG’s National Audit Transformation Committee. In 2020, she founded an initiative to provide career coaching to audit trainees in her department to assist them with achieving their professional goals and development, which ultimately served 170 trainees.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, she is a professional career coach and public speaker utilising social media platforms to provide career advice and guidance, foster individual career growth, and help people find meaning and fulfilment in their professional lives. She believes in the phrase ‘God blesses you to bless others’ and draws on her work experience to teach others. She founded her business YourCorporateHustle in 2021 and her mission is for her clients to grow in their careers and maximise their potential.

She is a graduate of the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA)/FASSET Women in Leadership programme for 2022. The programme has made a commitment to have a thousand women graduates in the programme by 2025. As part of the first cohort, Manoka is part of the legacy alumni who are giving back to the programme by supporting IWFSA in various responsibilities, including recruiting and mentoring the cohorts that study after them.

Manoka extends her impact through volunteer work with various initiatives, including the national committee of the Women of Abasa, whose imperative is to elevate the status and impact of women within the accounting profession, and SAICA’s Enterprise Development Programme to upskill small/medium business in improving financial processes, overall business processes and methods to grow their businesses. She previously served in Abasa’s Leadership Programme where they identified young professionals in their training contracts to assist them in developing their leadership skills. They supported trainee accountants by guiding, leading and transforming them into well-rounded professional accountants and future industry leaders through various programmes, predominately through mentorship.

She wanted to be a chartered accountant since she was 13 when she saw a job advertisement in the Sunday Times which looked like it paid REALLY well!

Her ultimate goal is to leave every environment better than she found it and to live a life of service.