Petri Basson, 32

Petri Basson has embraced technology in his career and learned how to use the skills he learned as a CA(SA) in the new and exciting field of blockchain and digital assets. While he was doing his articles in South Africa, he obtained six certificates in IT and started working towards his Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) qualification. After moving to the Cayman Islands, Petri had the opportunity to work with the KPMG Cayman Islands Digital Assets team to develop an audit approach for clients investing in this asset class. As part of this process, he also learned how to run a development process running SCRUM methodology and helped develop a number of audit tools.

He is using the skills he learned as a CA(SA), combined with his IT knowledge, to spread the knowledge of these unique assets and show people how they will disrupt and improve their lives in new and exciting ways. Petri has spoken about this topic at multiple international conferences including the Cayman Islands Digital Economy Conference (2018), Blockchain Training Conference (2019), Delta Summit (2019) and Consensus (2020). He has also presented training sessions to individuals working in finance, legal and many other professions to help them understand how these assets work and how they can use them. He is also spreading his educational outreach to children and has presented at schools to teach kids about the new technology, and recently helped organise an event where children were given free access to online blockchain basics courses and those in need received devices through donations from multiple parties.

Petri is also leading the development of the space as chairman of the Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands (BACI) and sits on the steering committee for Digital Cayman. In these roles, he has been involved in government consultations with industry on new legislation and the development of the digital asset space.

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