Head of Automation and Digital Consulting at Bidvest ALICE™, Bidvest Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd

Renier Wessels’ professional journey is a testament to his dynamic and multifaceted career. As a CA with over a decade’s experience in assurance, data, programming and process automation, Renier has honed his skills across a wide range of industries. His managerial-level service to clients in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, telecoms, insurance and agriculture has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape.

However, Renier’s career trajectory took a fascinating turn when he transitioned into the world of technology. He embraced the role of an efficiency and automation specialist at PwC, leveraging his knowledge and skills to streamline processes and drive digital transformation. Renier’s combination of audit, business and technology skills sets him apart and allows him to create tailored, efficient systems to enhance business operations.

In his current role as a Head of Automation and Digital Consulting at Bidvest Advisory Services, Renier brings his automation expertise to the forefront as part of the team at Bidvest ALICE. He has spearheaded projects, including process automation and financial digitalisation, which have proven instrumental in optimising business processes and operations. With a keen eye for detail and a forward-thinking approach, Renier continuously seeks out innovative solutions for his clients.

However, Renier’s professional journey is marked not only by his technical aptitude but also by his unwavering commitment to mentorship and knowledge sharing. He believes in giving back to his profession by actively engaging in mentorship programmes for university students. Renier understands the challenges that young professionals will face in their future careers and is dedicated to offering guidance and support, ensuring that they navigate their academic and career journeys successfully. His role as a mentor is complemented by his dedication to improving technology proficiency. He understands that in the modern business landscape, technological fluency is crucial. As such, he actively encourages and educates others on how to leverage technology to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Renier founded the Financial Modelling World Cup South African chapter in 2023 and actively promotes and teaches problem-solving in Excel for South African students and professionals online and in person. He also recently hosted a successful inaugural South African Excel Championship.

Renier’s educational background includes a CTA from the University of Pretoria and further studies in programming and data. His holistic approach to professional development combines leadership, technological expertise, and a passion for nurturing talent. Renier is not only a skilled professional but also an empathetic leader. He envisions a brighter future for his field and contributes to this future by sharing knowledge, empowering the next generation, and driving innovation.