Rhett says that being a Top 35 finalist is simply recognition for what he – and the other finalists – do every day: using their qualifications and knowledge in a practical sense to make their businesses more profitable and future-proof. He says it’s about using their expertise to reach business goals, to sustain their businesses, and to ensure job security and career growth for all the people who work in and around their businesses.

For Rhett, and for the partners who founded King Price together, ‘business success’ is about so much more than the bottom line. Their people and culture are far more important than the numbers in their annual report. Most of all, Rhett is proud of the role he plays in helping to keep King Price’s 900 people happily employed in the dynamic, entrepreneurial, culture-driven company whose purpose is far greater than its earnings and results.

That being said, the team is well pleased with how they grew their R100 million start-up into a R3,3 billion company in just six years. The company’s world-first business model has saved their clients over R150 million in decreasing premiums over the years – that’s profit they could have pocketed. Continuing to help their clients save money by providing insurance that makes sense is the reason they get out of bed in the morning.

Rhett’s goal is to be ever more effective at work and to continue to inspire his team to grow themselves and their business while maintaining balance with his personal priorities: his fiancée and their families and friends, making memories, and completing the odd triathlon, all grounded in and guided by The Word.


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