Manager in Capital Markets/Africa Assurance Innovation at PwC South Africa

Roger Wyllie is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional who has carved a remarkable path in the world of innovation and digital transformation. With a passion for pushing boundaries and fostering collective innovation, Roger has not only transformed the way business is conducted but has also inspired countless individuals to think differently and embrace the unknown.

Roger’s journey began at PwC, which he joined almost four years ago and where he immediately set out to make a difference. During his three-year traineeship, he embarked on a hybrid path that involved both audit and innovation, demonstrating his commitment to bridging the gap between traditional practices and cutting-edge technology.

One of Roger’s standout achievements is the creation of The 6am Club, an informal digital upskilling initiative that has spread across South Africa. This initiative has attracted over 250 members from various provinces who gather daily at 6 am at the office for digital upskilling and collaborative learning.

In recognition of his pioneering efforts, Roger received the prestigious Trainee Trailblazer Award from SAICA in 2021. This award celebrates individuals who make a difference despite their unofficial designations, a testament to Roger’s ability to effect change from the ground up. In the global arena, Roger placed second in DataSnipper’s Audit MVP of the Year competition. He also qualified for the finals of the 2023 South African Excel Championships.
Roger’s dedication to innovation is underscored by his contribution to PwC Africa’s Digital Repository, where he has consistently developed more digital assets than any other employee for 10 of the last 11 financial quarters.

Roger’s ongoing pursuit of innovation led him to self-learn AI and app development, enabling him to create new and bespoke software applications that transcend client infrastructure. This unique venture not only unlocks a new revenue stream for PwC but also exemplifies his commitment to value-based innovation.
Roger is not only a leader within the corporate world but also a passionate community advocate. He has volunteered his time and expertise to initiatives like the Lego Robotics outreach programme and Rise Against Hunger.

Roger’s commitment to nurturing digital leaders is further exemplified through his innovation secondment programme guiding selected trainees toward becoming digital champions. His influence extends globally as he facilitates a global focus group for AI at PwC, working with some of the most pioneering AI professionals in the industry.
Roger’s remarkable journey shows that impact does not rely on title, age, or formal distinctions. Impact is achieved through a willingness to think differently, embrace the unknown, and pursue bold ideas. Roger is not just a professional: he is a force for change, inspiring collective innovation and shaping the future of digital excellence in the finance and audit industry.