Senior Manager in Financial Services Audit at KPMG, and Founder of Mfano Growth Coaching

Sinqobile Hlatshwayo’s passion for personal development was sparked at the tender age of 16 when she picked up her first copy of The Secret. 16 years later she runs a coaching company called Mfano Growth as a personal development coach. As a coach, she believes that all goals can be reached through using tools to harness the growth mindset inherent in all of us.

Her company leverages her experience as a chartered accountant with a wealth of experience in business and finance to help ambitious young entrepreneurs and professionals grow their businesses and win in their careers.

Sinqobile’s business experience includes leadership in the network marketing industry where she influenced and upskilled over 3 000 business owners to grow their businesses and earn an income during the pandemic and post-pandemic economic strain.

In her business journey, she has mentored a variety of business owners operating in the hospitality, automotive, service and retail industries. Her mentoring was inspired by her love for imparting knowledge and experience to those walking a similar journey to hers. She uses her growing social media presence to provide mass coaching to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford her services.

As a professional, Sinqobile is able to use her Mfano Growth coaching skills to shape and develop young CAs in her role as a senior audit manager of the Financial Services business unit at KPMG. She has nine years’ experience in corporate as a high-performing insurance industry specialist, having experience in both the South African and UK’s insurance industries. She has experience working with German, US and UK regulated companies where she led audit teams to deliver quality work and on-time reporting to stakeholders.

Her openness to learn and grow as a professional led her to spend two years in Scotland auditing some of the largest upstream oil and gas players in the UK while on an international secondment.

Sinqobile aims to inspire and prove that, as the Mfano Growth slogan says, one can reach ‘success one goal at a time’.