Managing Director at Betvel Group

This 32-year-old serial entrepreneur and chartered accountant has a robust track record of over a decade as a business owner managing multiple business ventures across Southern Africa. His approach to identifying promising business opportunities is characterised by pragmatism, where he actively seeks prospects and solutions that yield a substantial impact.

At a tender age, Tinei Chagonda has harboured a profound interest in entrepreneurship, leading to the successful establishment of various businesses and active participation in numerous business projects. A notable early venture involved organising a high school beauty pageant, a creative endeavour aimed at expanding his social circle and generating extra income. During Tinei’s time at the University of Cape Town (UCT), he assumed the role of managing the tuckshop for his residence, which accommodated more than 500 students. His entrepreneurial zeal drove him to establish the Entrepreneurship Society at UCT, which has been in operation for 11 years.

From humble beginnings in high school and at UCT, Tinei has founded several prosperous businesses across a diverse range of sectors, encompassing fashion retail, fuel logistics, transportation of construction materials, and renewable energy. These enterprises collectively provide employment for over 40 individuals.

A core driving force behind his endeavours is an unwavering commitment to helping individuals realise their full potential. He derives immense satisfaction from contributing in various capacities to ensure the success of others. Tinei is acutely aware of one of the key challenges confronting Africa: rapid population growth that is not paralleled by an adequate increase in employment opportunities. Tinei is dedicated to solving this growing problem through continuous investment in new businesses and innovative ideas.

A notable facet of his commitment to empowerment and societal improvement is his focus on gender equality. In his retail boutiques, all managerial and employee positions are intentionally held by women, reinforcing Tinei’s dedication to empowering women within his communities.

With a forward-looking vision, this entrepreneur consistently explores business opportunities within sectors influenced by the burgeoning population. As Africa’s population continues to rise, he anticipates robust growth in the construction, petroleum and renewable energy sectors to accommodate the increasing demand for housing, fuel, and other goods. His primary businesses, as previously mentioned, are strategically positioned to capitalise on this growth, fostering expanded turnover and job creation.